Puppy shelter at SPCA, Noida

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.”

Jim Rohn

Puppy shelter at the SPCA, Noida (Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Built-up area – 500 sq ft

Year of completion – 2014

‘Puppy pen’

SPCA Noida is a Noida based animal hospital cum shelter spread over 11 acres, that caters to the needs of abandoned, sick, injured, infirm, old ownerless and owned animals.

Archiopteryx pledged its support to design and help construct a puppy pen in the “paralysed section” of the shelter.

Paralysed dogs tend to ‘design’ and construct their own ‘underground shelters’ in mud, digging away with their healthy paws to create fantastic earth-bermed structures that regulate temperature naturally and also serve to create a protection from perceived threats.

‘The slab of concrete that forms the treatment counter, slopes downward and upwards in waves to create areas of ‘refuge and privacy’ for the young pups.’

The undulations also serve as seating areas for volunteers , as they care for these creatures. The floor is sloped towards a central drain that allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Bricks donated by volunteers and retrieved from abandoned structures at the shelter, are left ‘exposed’ allowing the structure to breathe and reduce costs of construction. Scaffolding wood (eucalyptus) is used as the main supports vertically and horizontally.

Donated ‘extruded wire mesh’ is positioned between the wood members and provides for the front screen. As the vertical members tie together with the metal roof structure, traditional ‘tying’ methods with jute rope cater for a sturdy, ‘recyclable’ detail.

Various contractors and volunteers came together to donate materials of everyday use, thus ensuring that costs were kept to a minimum, and catering to a sense of ‘ownership’.

The centrally located ‘neem’ tree shades the structure, and allows the little patients solace from their pains and woes.

earth-bermed structures